I offer several services: counseling, mental wellness coaching, supervision and conflict resolution consulting. See below for more details about each.


  • Trauma – I take a trauma-informed approach in all I do. I know this is an issue that many people experience differently and I strive to help people identify and understand their trauma in a way that is meaningful to them. I use EMDR, IFS and cognitive methods to help clients work through their traumatic experiences. See my resource page for more about what trauma is.
  • Pre/Postpartum issues – As a survivor of postpartum depression, I know how difficult is can be to navigate that with minimal (or no) support. It is a passion of mine to help parents who have had traumatic births, hard pregnancies, losses or terminations. See my resource page for additional links and support options.
  • LGBTQIA+ concerns I have done extensive training conducted by people of lived experience in order to provide ethical, effective help to those who need guidance through their transition process and general mental health concerns for all members of this community. I can provide clinical letters for HRT and gender confirming surgery and I am also kink, poly and ENM-informed and affirming. See resource page for helpful links and information.

Mental Health Coaching:

  • Coaching – As a coach, I help people identify specific blocks, issues or skills they may need to function in a healthier/happier way. I take a structured, solution-focused approach to help clients identify their goals, the steps to get there and then hold them accountable to implement those steps. I can offer coaching to people anywhere, not only the state of AZ.
  • Coaching vs Counseling – for me, I take a trauma-informed approach to both of these services, however – I am more focused on the present and the future in coaching, while in counseling, I delve more into the past. As a coach, I focus on building skills, resourcing and helping my clients stay on track, while being compassionate and affirming.


  • As an AZBBHE-approved supervisor, I can provide clinical supervision to most associate-level licensees located in the state of Arizona. I can provide supervision in person (at your office) or via telehealth to individuals or groups.

Conflict Consulting:

  • During conflict consulting, I take a very controlled and structured (yet still humanistic) approach to helping two (or more parties) reach a workable agreement. The benefits to conflict work are numerous: it can help prevent/avoid costly litigation, it can help provide a neutral and structured environment to help keep the conversation on track, it can help model and shape effective communication patterns and it can implement sustainable strategies to help avoid future conflict.
  • Consulting services are sold in packages, determined by the complexity and severity of the conflict in question – it usually takes about 3-6 hours to conduct all the necessary steps. Due to the intensive nature of this work, it is priced differently from my other services, please reach out via text, call or email to inquire about this service and it’s availability. You can also send a request form through my contact page.